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Hi there, it has been a fantastic journey with OllaPots and we have met so many great people and shared the dream of growing beautiful plants in a sustainable and consumer conscious manner. Unfortunately, we are unable to continue with this dream in the current environment. We are very sad to pause this endeavor and hope to continue when the time is right.

Alan and Melissa.

How do Ollas work?

The OllaPot

Our Ollapots are made from unglazed terracotta clay. They are fired at a specific temperature that leaves them porous. When filled, the water will slowly seep out of the pot keeping your soil moist.

The OllaPot is buried in the soil, providing water at a slow steady rate to your plants, where they need it - at the roots!


The OllaPot is planted or buried near your plants. We find that our OllaPots are ideal for pots or troughs but of course they can be planted in open soil as required.

An OllaPot can keep soil moist within an area twice the diameter of the pot.


A plants' water needs are made up of many factors. The size of the plant, soil moisture, fruiting season and sunlight. We recommend monitoring the water usage of the plants and watering accordingly.

Our OllaPot helps to regulate how water is delivered to the plant. The slow seeping of water and the capillary action of the roots ensure that your plants are never thirsty.

Generally, we fill our pots every second day!


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Small (~500ml)

Height: 11cm

Diameter: 10cm


This olla is ideal for hanging baskets and smaller plants. We love them for our hanging baskets of strawberries.

Medium (~1litre)

Height: 17.5cm

Diameter: 12cm


These are great for bigger pots about 50cm in diameter. We like using two ollas in a large trough for green peppers and aubergines.

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Large (~2.5 litre)

Height: 23.5cm

Diameter: 17cm


This is the big one. We find these great for open soil growing, or much larger pots. Our beans and tomatoes love them!


Our Story

We believe in growing your own food. The city dwelling lives most of us lead these days doesn't leave much time or space for home growing. We would love everyone to experience the joy of using something they have grown and nurtured themselves in the kitchen. Even if it is just a few herbs. 


We hope our clay irrigation pots will let you utilise limited home space to produce organic and nutritious food for you to enjoy!

Happy planting!

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We are always keen to meet interesting people and answer any questions you may regarding your OllaPots or how to use them.
Alan and Melissa

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