How to use your OllaPot

OllaPots are ideal for container gardening, but would work equally well in raised beds or open soil. This is a quick guide to get you up and running with your new OllaPot. Please email us if you need more help or guidance.

1. Gather everything for your new plant up.

  • OllaPot – choose the size that best suits your application

  • Potting mix – we like a mix of potting soil, compost and palm peat

  • Pot for planting – pots, troughs or even a raised bed

  • Plants - herbs, vegggies etc

  • Drainage materials - stones, gravel

  • Mulch – Bark, straw wood chips. This is optional but highly recommended

2. Pot Preparation

  • Add the drainage material to the pot. Add some of the potting mix to a level where the neck of the OllaPot will stand proud once the pot is filled

3. Planting your OllaPot

  • Cover the neck of the OllaPot with newspaper, using an elastic to secure it. This stops soil and mulch getting into the pot while planting.

  • Place the OllaPot in the pot as desired and fill up with the remaining potting mix.

4. Planting your plants

  • Plant your selected plants around the OllaPot. Resist the urge to overcrowd your pot. Now is a good time to water each young plant before mulching.

  • Add mulch and fill up the OllaPot. You’re Done!

More help

Planting recommendations:

Select the right size pot for your need

Olla pots OllaPot sizes range


Watering recommendations

Olla pot watering

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