Watering Frequency

A plants' water needs are made up of many factors. The size of the plant, soil moisture, fruiting season and sunlight.

Our OllaPot helps to regulate how water is delivered to the plant. The slow seeping of water  and the capillary action of the roots ensure that your plants are never thirsty.  We recommend monitoring the water usage of the plants and watering accordingly.

In general we will fill an OllaPot once every second day.  This is a good amount that keeps the soil moist and the plants happy.

New plants and Seedlings

Newly planted plants and especially seedlings need a bit of extra care in the beginning. 

We like to water the plants directly in the beginning, while still keeping the OllaPot full. This helps the plant to get established and properly rooted. After a few days we stop direct watering and continue to fill the OllaPot.

Of course if your plant is struggling, and looking a bit drab some direct watering may be necessary. 


Soil is a living thing. It needs a skin to help keep in moisture and for protection. We highly recommend mulching your soil to keep it healthy. You can use bark, straw or even light-weight clay beads to protect the soil in your pots.

Being Water-wise

OllaPots help the water to get to the place it's needed without over watering, or wasteful overflow (especially hanging baskets). Using OllaPots will also help reduce loss through evaporation. Overall, we feel you can reduce water usage while still keeping your plants happy.

Cape Town, South Africa

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